A downloadable game you'll love for Windows

A sincere and humblest WELCOME to you who have come here spent your time invested in such fruitful pursuits of level design and the like. it is a tribute to YOU and the GTP community that so many of us can come together a


With the release of this game we are truly coming even closer tog as a community to focusing on whta makes a idea FRESH and LEVELS that are well designed but most importantly well rounded and well designed as well as inspired by ideas from the heart. Im sure you know what I mean! If not you will soon know what I mean after you have played this game or "ADVENTURE" as it were.

 Diane please call me



(B) Begin

(R) Roger that! etc....

(T) This is the chair for me.

(WASD) move when you are not in the chair but you will be  

Install instructions

Download the Zap file

 Open " GUIDANCE ADVENTURE.EXE ". If you have trouble just reach out friend I am free most days on THursdays I got meetings with city council.... please do NOT call me during that time.


GTPGame.zip 140 MB

Development log


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One of the best games I have played in a long time


this game reminds me of my tim in vietnam. I lost a good buddy back then. we were in da nang. Went out drinking all night and when i woke up I couldnt find him anywhere. checked under the bed and behind the curtains. worst trip of my life. #2005


Windows Only.

is linux on a windows?

hello There is some issues in your support for wide screen minotors!! very distracting to the guiadnace

New to unity friend.

it's  ok! i was guided regardlesa


Good 2 hear take Care Khalid.